Regular assessments are implemented to understand and improve student learning. External examinations are held to gain nationally and internationally recognized qualifications and to provide a benchmark for student achievement.

  • Process of learning, are conducted every week while the concept/lesson is in progress. Assessment also occurs at definite stages based on agreed criteria as per the requirement for student learning, which is judged by the teacher. Questions are framed based on specific topics on weekly basis.
    Interactive learning is an important part of classroom interactions and is done through self or peer assessment, oral/written quiz, multiple choice questions, group activities, classroom interactions, class work, homework, class participation, seminars, worksheets, group / individual projects and other assessments done in class that give regular feedback to students for the next steps towards improvement and involve them in their own learning.
  • Summative Assessments are conducted at the end of each academic term. Question papers are framed according to the term syllabus that focuses on specific Chapters/Units/Concepts. The types of questions used for this can be Multiple Choice, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions, and Long Answer Questions which test Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Communication and Thinking Skills, Reading Skills. Assessment evidence obtained through these summative assessments is also used to gauge student’s learning
  • The academic year is divided in three terms. For class I and above monthly tests and three terminal examinations are conducted. Students are provided with Exam numbers and halls allotted as per board exams. Parents are informed about the timetable and portions previously.
    Apart from these, unit tests are conducted every day. Parents are informed about the progress of the pupils periodically. Extra coaching is made available for slow learners. Week-end and vacation assignments are given in all subjects besides the assignment at the end of every day.
  • Board exams are conducted as per the rules framed by our Government. Students are trained specially for their board exams by conducting special intensive tests. Students are also trained with Interior questions, frequently asked question. Apart from Exam Based Syllabus, Application Oriented Questions are framed and trained.

  • Parents and teachers are considered as the main pillars of the better growth of a child. Students are continuously monitored by the teachers at school, their behavior, attentiveness, obedience etc., During parents teachers meet, it is a good opportunity for the parents to share and discuss about their child. Performance of the students are observed and analysed by the teachers for the good progress of a child